16th PhD Workshop on Systems and Control
Veszprém, Hungary

2018 August 30, Thursday

13:30-13:45 chair opening
13:45-14:30 Katalin Hangos Plenary lecture: Prof. László Dávid - Comparison between applied model predictive control, state dependent Riccati equation, and finite horizon discrete optimal control algorithms
14:30-14:50 Péter Polcz and Gábor Szederkényi. On the use of Finsler's lemma -- technical notes
14:50-15:10 Nawar Al Hemeary, Gábor Szederkényi, Maciej Jaworski and Jan Kindracki. Thermal model development for a CubeSat
15:10-15:25   coffee break
15:25-15:45 Attila Magyar Gergely Szlobodnyik and Gábor Szederkényi. Reachability analysis of structurally bounded Petri nets with applications to kinetic systems
15:45-16:05 Áron Fehér and Lőrinc Márton. Comparison of delay system approximating methods: application to multi-agent systems
16:05-16:25 Lőrinc Garai and András Horváth. Biochemical model of color afterimages

2018 August 31, Friday

9:00-9:30 Katalin Hangos Keynote lecture: Prof. István Vajda - Electrical Machines for Electrical Vehicles
9:30-9:50 István Vajda Anna Ibolya Pózna, Attila Fodor and Katalin Mária Hangos. Non-technical loss diagnosis in electrical networks with radial layout
9:50-10:10 Nándor Fink and Ottó Botond Lőrinczi. Model reference adaptive control for telemanipulation
10:10-10:30 Márton Greber and Attila Fodor. Simulation of balanced low-voltage electrical grid, using a simplified network model
10:30-10:50 Zsombor Hajdu and Csaba Budai. On the Comparison of Different Sliding-Mode Control Algorithms in Single Degrees-of-Freedom Benchmark System
10:50-11:05   coffee break
11:05-11:25 Katalin Hangos Roland Bálint, Attila Fodor, István Szalkai, Zsófia Szalkai and Attila Magyar. MODELING AND CALCULATION OF THE SUN GLOBAL IRRADIANCE ON SLOPES
11:45-12:05 Benedek Szakonyi, Tamás Lőrincz, Ágnes Lipovits, István Vassányi and István Kósa. RULEBASE FORMULATION FOR CLIPS BASED WORK ERGONOMICS ASSESSMENT
12:05-12:25 Dávid Papp and Gábor Szűcs. Discovering new classes in open-world scenario
12:25-12:30   closing