16th PhD Workshop on Systems and Control
Veszprém, Hungary

Workshop Program

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Paper submission deadline

The paper submission deadline is extended to July 8 2018!


15th International PhD Workshop on Systems and Control

a Young Generation Viewpoint

Veszprém, Hungary

August 27-30, 2018


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website: http://virt-web.virt.uni-pannon.hu/phdws


Organised by:

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems,

Faculty of Information Technology,

University of Pannonia



The aim of this PhD Workshop is to bring together young people working in the field of process control, supervision and information technology. Emphasis is placed on the exchange of ideas, results, experience and opinions.



The Workshop will include several sessions of contributed papers and computer demonstrations. Presentation of theory, algorithms, implementations and applications are welcome.

Topics relevant to the Workshop include:

  • process modeling and analysis
  • control (traditional, intelligent, adaptive, etc.)
  • process monitoring and supervision
  • system identification and signal processing
  • modeling of complex systems (classical, hierarchical, Bayesian, fuzzy, networks)
  • image processing and pattern recognition
  • artificial intelligence
  • bioengineering
  • soft computing (neural, genetic, fuzzy algorithms, etc.)
  • software issues (parallel computing, distributed and network computing, data visualization)
  • decision making (data mining, decision supporting)



The Workshop is organized for PhD students and young researchers up to age 35, working in the field which fits to the scope of the Workshop. An abstract and registration form submitted through the website of the Workshop is required for participation. Full papers are also required and will be published in the conference proceedings. The participation is free, and the accepted papers will be published in the special issue of the Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry.



The Workshop will be held in Veszprém, Hungary.


Working language

The language of the Workshop is English.


Program committee chair

  • Katalin M. Hangos - University of Pannonia (HU)


Organizing committee

  • Anna Ibolya Pózna - University of Pannonia (HU)
  • Roland Bálint - University of Pannonia (HU)



Abstract submission deadline: June 18 July 2, 2018

Notification of acceptance: July 9 July 16, 2018

Submission of final papers: August 6 August 13, 2018


Download the Call for papers in PDF format

You can register to the Workshop and submit your contributions at the following link:


2018 August 30, Thursday

13:30-13:45 chair opening
13:45-14:30 Katalin Hangos Plenary lecture: Prof. László Dávid - Comparison between applied model predictive control, state dependent Riccati equation, and finite horizon discrete optimal control algorithms
14:30-14:50 Péter Polcz and Gábor Szederkényi. On the use of Finsler's lemma -- technical notes
14:50-15:10 Nawar Al Hemeary, Gábor Szederkényi, Maciej Jaworski and Jan Kindracki. Thermal model development for a CubeSat
15:10-15:25   coffee break
15:25-15:45 Attila Magyar Gergely Szlobodnyik and Gábor Szederkényi. Reachability analysis of structurally bounded Petri nets with applications to kinetic systems
15:45-16:05 Áron Fehér and Lőrinc Márton. Comparison of delay system approximating methods: application to multi-agent systems
16:05-16:25 Lőrinc Garai and András Horváth. Biochemical model of color afterimages

2018 August 31, Friday

9:00-9:30 Katalin Hangos Keynote lecture: Prof. István Vajda - Electrical Machines for Electrical Vehicles
9:30-9:50 István Vajda Anna Ibolya Pózna, Attila Fodor and Katalin Mária Hangos. Non-technical loss diagnosis in electrical networks with radial layout
9:50-10:10 Nándor Fink and Ottó Botond Lőrinczi. Model reference adaptive control for telemanipulation
10:10-10:30 Márton Greber and Attila Fodor. Simulation of balanced low-voltage electrical grid, using a simplified network model
10:30-10:50 Zsombor Hajdu and Csaba Budai. On the Comparison of Different Sliding-Mode Control Algorithms in Single Degrees-of-Freedom Benchmark System
10:50-11:05   coffee break
11:05-11:25 Katalin Hangos Roland Bálint, Attila Fodor, István Szalkai, Zsófia Szalkai and Attila Magyar. MODELING AND CALCULATION OF THE SUN GLOBAL IRRADIANCE ON SLOPES
11:45-12:05 Benedek Szakonyi, Tamás Lőrincz, Ágnes Lipovits, István Vassányi and István Kósa. RULEBASE FORMULATION FOR CLIPS BASED WORK ERGONOMICS ASSESSMENT
12:05-12:25 Dávid Papp and Gábor Szűcs. Discovering new classes in open-world scenario
12:25-12:30   closing


Organizing committee chair

Attila Magyar - University of Pannonia (HU)

Organizing committee members

Roland Bálint - University of Pannonia (HU)
Anna Ibolya Pózna - University of Pannonia (HU)